5 Types Of SUP Rack Designs That Are Must Haves

Storing your board in the off season or even having a place for your board during surf season is important. SUP racks make that possible. Why throw your board in miscellaneous places when you could have a designated, presentable place for your surf equipment.

1. Solid Steel Stand Up Paddle Board Rack

Paddleboard SUP RackThis rack is durable and strong as well as affordable. It can store up to three paddle boards because it comes with two rack sides which can be mounted at any distance so that it can accommodate the different lengths of boards. This rack can also be used for windsurfers and surfboards.

This board rack has been designed to hold any type stand up paddleboard. Each arm of the rack is 27 inches and can allow SUP boards that are 40 inches wide to be stored. Between each rack level is a generous spacing of 11.5 inches.

This large spacing makes this rack great for use with inflatable, flat water, surf as well as racing paddleboards. The space also makes it possible to keep your SUP’s fins on. This is usually not the case for other types of racks that are similar to this.

This rack is also versatile and is also used as a storage for longboards, surfboards as well as wakeboards. You can also create a shelf from one of the unused rack levels and then use it as a storage for all the SUP gear.

The paddle board rack has removable arms which can be removed when you are not using it so that you save on space. This rack also has a multi stage rust prevention process which stands up to moisture. This is important if you live near the beach or if you put your board in the rack when still wet.

2. SUP Ceiling Rack

This ceiling rack saves space for your garage, home or office. It is a simple design which allows you to store your sticks overhead instead of tripping over them. The rack provides easy access to your SUP so that it will always be ready. This rack has a bend which is just slightly past horizontal and which ensures your stick will not fall down. The rack can hold up to 50lbs and has a ten inches opening where the ends of the board are, it can therefore hold a surfboard and a SUP or a SUP and gear like your paddle.

3. SUP Car Rack

The SUP Car Rack is a perfect option for people who have a truck, car or SUV without a built-in roof rack. This rack is convenient because it is an easy, removable solution. It is designed to accommodate up to two longboards or SUPs.

This rack works through pads, straps and buckles and is a soft place for your board. This then provides a barrier between your car and your board. The strap system is UV tested and treated and can therefore withstand the sun.

This rack has two great features which are that you do not need an existing car rack in place so that it can work and it is also quickly removable. You can therefore easily install and uninstall it .

4. Double SUP Home Rack

This Double SUP Rack for Home is an SUP rack which will keep up to two boards stored safely up on the wall. The rack is made from steel and is black powder coated for corrosion resistance and aesthetics. It has a weight capacity of 60lbs and can hold boards up to forty inches wide. This rack is able to fit everything.

It is built with removable arms and therefore when not in use you can remove the arms to save on space. These arms are covered in 1/3″ thick closed cell foam which is a foam that is designed to take a heavy board without any pressure point distortion or scuffing.

5. SUP Rack

This is the strongest and most durable rack. It is made from 304 Stainless Steel. The rack works well both outdoor and indoor and can hold over 100lbs.

This rack also includes a swivel mechanism which is a unique feature. It has a locking spring mechanism which allows the rack to lock in the SUP storage mode.

Rack Your Paddleboards – It’s A Smart Thing To Do

Paddleboard RackAs popularity of the sport of stand up paddleboarding continues to grow, the equipment continues to evolve and the support equipment starts popping up and, fortunately, gets cheaper as competition increases for your dollars. A good comparison is the iPhone (or any other smartphone) protective cases. When the smart phone era began, some enterprising you man or woman recognized they didn’t have to know how to build the phone to make a few bucks off the trend. As is the case with most good ideas, there were plenty of people willing to follow and within minutes, at least it seemed like minutes, these cases were being made and sold by everyone.

One piece of this support equipment is the stand-up paddleboard (SUP) rack. If you don’t have one or more SUP racks yet (you really need one for the vehicle too), reading this should change your mind, hopefully. Here are 5 real good reasons to have an SUP rack.

  1. Transporting your boards – This is a serious headache without a rack. The boards, much like a duck, are awesome in the water, but they are pretty awkward when they are out of the water. A SUP rack for the vehicle will make getting to and from the water a breeze.
  1. Value – As mentioned above, competition among rack makers is fierce and that is a good thing for the stand-up paddleboarder. If you haven’t looked at an SUP rack lately, you are in for a pleasant surprise. If the price is what kept you from getting a rack before, that issue has most likely been resolved.
  1. Organization – Nobody ever spends a bunch of money on the coolest toy ever to have it setting around on a dirty garage floor. When something is on the floor it usually ends up covered by other stuff. This presents a host of problems that a SUP rack or two can fix in a jiffy. You have undoubtedly heard the expression ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place!’
  1. Versatility – There are a lot of these racks to choose from. If the basement or garage walls aren’t an option, no problem surf dude, they make ceiling racks too. There are racks that will hold more than one board, angled racks, vertical racks, etc. There is a rack out there that will satisfy all your needs.
  1. Protection – The cost of stand up paddleboarding equipment is no joke, especially if you have to buy a board a second or third time. A rack is far and away the best bet to keep your boards from getting damaged in storage or transport. Think of it as a type of board insurance.

There you have it. Five compelling reasons to rack your boards! If you need one more, GrindTV featured paddleboard racks as a MUST HAVE for every enthusiast of the sport.

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Racks For Your Home And Vehicle

SUP Paddleboard RackAh, the sand, the sun, the surf – what’s not to love about a day at the beach? Don’t forget about the beautiful people either. A day at the beach has a little something for everyone regardless of age.

If you happen to be among the fortunate few who like to play on the water, then nothing could be better than making a day of it. Whether you’re a surfer, skier or a fan of the stand-up paddle board, there is nothing that even comes close.

If you don’t know what a stand up paddle board is, you really should check it out. It is surfing’s much cooler cousin, make that it’s much, much cooler cousin and it’s not limited to the ocean waters. It can be done on most sizable bodies of water. You can still ride waves on the ocean, which, by the way, are much easier to find on the stand up board, but you can also do a whole lot more. In fact, in 2013 stand up paddleboard surfing had more first timers than all other outdoor sporting activities.

The only real downside to stand up paddleboarding, beside the cost of the equipment, is figuring out how to store it when you’re not using it and/or getting it to and from the water. Both storage and transportation are a major pain in the….neck.

This stuff is fairly pricey and storing it on the garage floor or listening to it slide around in the back of a pickup truck isn’t an option for most. That is exactly why the stand-up paddleboard (SUP) racks have become so popular with their owners.

You can get a SUP rack in just about any shape, size and color that you want and they are a great investment to protect your gear. If you’ve ever skipped a day of SUP surfing because of the hassle of getting to your stuff or getting to and from, you should really look into a rack. Another great feature is the price; you get a lot for your money with a SUP rack.

Finding what you are looking for won’t be hard either. There are ceiling racks, angled wall racks, level wall racks, racks for multiple boards and many more types and styles. The vehicle racks are awesome too. They are kind of like the internet; you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Honestly, your SUP board, paddle and other equipment are a significant investment for most people. If you add a second or third board, you are talking about some serious money. Any sizeable investment should be protected and that’s exactly what you’re buying in a SUP rack – protection.

Style, value, versatility, protection and simplicity all contained in a single product – what are you waiting for? Get a SUP rack (or two) today!